Ultrasound: A New Way of Looking at Arthritis at ARCK

True to our mission of providing quality, comprehensive, and state-of-the-art care, the physicians at Arthritis and Rheumatology Clinics of Kansas have adopted a technique that promises to change the way we see arthritis patients. While musculoskeletal ultrasound has been available in European countries for years, it is relatively new in the United States but gaining popularity. We at ARCK have employed this technology for the past six years and are the first rheumatology practice in the region to offer this service to our patients. We have found that it truly does revolutionize the way we manage arthritis.

Ultrasound Examination

The advantages of ultrasound are numerous. First of all, it is a relatively low cost imaging tool that involves no ionizing radiation and can therefore be performed safely in multiple patient populations. Secondly, examinations can be performed quickly, often in the context of an office visit, to provide diagnostic information that may assist with therapeutic decision-making.

For example, ultrasound is capable of assessing disease activity in rheumatoid arthritis or other inflammatory disease states and has been shown to be extremely versatile, allowing for the diagnosis of numerous soft tissue abnormalities such as rotator cuff tears, carpal tunnel syndrome, and various forms of tendinitis. Ultrasound is quite efficient at identifying fluid collections in and around joints and is excellent for assisting with imaging guided procedures, increasing the accuracy of these procedures as well as reducing the pain associated with injections and aspirations of involved structures.

"Ultrasound has opened up an entirely new world to me in terms of allowing me to visualize directly structures I could feel when examining the joint and complementing my physical examinations," reported Dr. Timothy Shaver of ARCK. "While I thought I was fairly accurate at examining joints and injecting them, ultrasound has shown me my limitations and has improved my skills in these areas tremendously. Patients have also commented favorably about how this technology has benefited them directly. After all, I suppose that's the point."

Several of our physicians at ARCK have adopted ultrasound into their practice and are capable of performing diagnostic studies as well as procedures, such as injection of joints, linings around tendons, carpal tunnels, and numerous other procedures. This tool has certainly expanded the number of services we can provide our patients directly within our own building. Ask your physician if a diagnostic ultrasound procedure or ultrasound guided injection is appropriate for you. We continue to be glad to assist you in any way necessary, and this service is simply another way of our fulfilling this goal.

Image of Achilles Tendon Ultrasound Study

Achilles Tendon Ultrasound



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