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Our Responsibility

Because we as specialists are often in a unique position to comment about your illness when it pertains to issues such as work disability, limitations, or provision of items necessary for your care that insurance companies may be denying, our doctors are willing to fill out any necessary paperwork that may be involved or dictate letters as necessary. These forms should be ready for you to pick up one week after they are dropped off.

When copies of records are required for other doctors' offices, attorneys, or disability evaluations, our office will copy these records for you and make them available for whoever is requesting them within 7 to 10 days.

Your Responsibility

If you have medical forms that need to be completed or need copies of your records please present the request to our office within two weeks of needing the forms or records. There will be a charge assessed for records and forms completion that will need to be paid prior to the forms or records being released.