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Arthritis and Rheumatology Clinics of Kansas

At ARCK, our mission is to relieve pain and suffering by providing quality care
in a compassionate and efficient manner. We are dedicated to the treatment
of arthritis and rheumatic diseases.
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At ARCK we offer many services all within the clinic to help us better serve patients.  In addition to exam rooms where patients meet with physicians, physician assistants or nurse practitioners, we have on site lab, radiology, injection and IV infusion. We also perform all business services on site including scheduling, insurance verification, prior authorization and claims billing and collecting. We believe by keeping all services together helps us to better care for patients in a well-coordinated way.

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Initial Consultation Services

Everyone who comes to ARCK for the first time will have a thorough clinical assessment performed by a medical doctor.


At ARCK we perform several important moderate and high complexity lab tests on site.


Radiology services are used often in diagnosing and treating rheumatology related disorders.


Rheumatology diseases are often treated very effectively with a number of injectable drugs.

IV Infusion

ARCK offers in office infusion for treatment of many autoimmune diseases.


We work diligently to ensure all patients are served at the earliest opportunity.

Insurance Verification

ARCK is contracted with many insurance plans.

Prior Authorization

Many insurances require a clinical review for requested services and medications before they will approve the treatment.

Claims Billing & Collecting

ARCK performs all billing and collecting on site. We are committed to filing claims to insurance with the most accurate information possible.



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