Welcome to Arthritis and Rheumatology Clinics of Kansas (ARCK). We look forward to getting to know you while assisting you in the management of your rheumatic disease. We want you to know that we have a high level of commitment to providing quality care in an efficient and compassionate manner. In doing so, it is our desire to run our office as efficiently as possible, and we want to communicate some guidelines to you that will allow us to achieve this goal together.

New Patient Information Forms

As a new patient we ask that you arrive 30 minutes early to your appointment to complete computerized health history forms. If you prefer to complete the forms from your own computer prior to your visit, please call our office and we can grant you access to our patient portal website.


Scheduling for the first time
Patients new to the practice are accepted from a direct referral from your primary care or specialist doctor. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept patients who have not already been assessed by a primary care or specialist doctor.

Scheduling return appointments
Returning patients will be advised by their Rheumatologist regarding the frequency of appointments needed to monitor their treatment and care.

Returning patients may request an appointment by calling the office at 316-612-4815 or by sending a message through the patient portal.

Other appointment information
Since appointments are scheduled months in advance, we offer a courtesy phone call to help remind you of your appointment.

If scheduled appointments are not kept, were not cancelled at least 24 business hours in advance or an extenuating circumstance didn’t arise we will charge a fee for the missed appointment time. We charge this fee because we’ve invested resources and time to prepare for each appointment and cannot offer a missed appointment to any other patient.

A missed appointment call will be made to advise that the appointment time was missed. We encourage you to call right away to reschedule the missed appointment.

Sometimes your symptoms will intensify and you will want to see the physician earlier than your scheduled appointment. We will make every effort to monitor our cancellation list to work patients into the schedule at an earlier time.

Prescription Information

Prescription refills are requested electronically through your pharmacy. We process refill requests daily and will advise you if any lab test, eye exam or an appointment with your prescribing provider is needed in order to process the refill request.

Referrals and Prior Authorization

Many insurance companies require referrals and/or prior authorizations be obtained before you can receive treatment. We make every effort to assist in obtaining these approvals from your insurance.

It is not always the responsibility of the clinic to obtain these approvals. We encourage each person to study their insurance plan coverage rules prior to obtaining care and to actively work with our clinic to satisfy all insurance requirements. Failure to follow insurance rules can result in non-covered and non-paid services, which can place the financial responsibility on to the patient.

Financial Policy

ARCK contracts with many of the major health care plans and are considered in network.

Review major health care plans here.

It is important that patients review network status of their doctors on an annual basis when their health plan renews as these contractual relationships between the plan and ARCK can change.

We have an experienced team of registration and billing professionals who work to ensure your insurance coverage is maximized.
We are contractually obligated to collect your co-pay and any co-insurance owed by you or your guarantor.

We require a payment source to be left on file with us to secure payment for any amount due after insurance processes the claim for your visit.

Please review our financial policy here.

Phone Call Information

Our office uses an auto attendant to help us manage a large number of incoming calls. We encourage callers to use the prompts to direct their call to the appropriate personnel. We understand waiting on hold can be frustrating so we also can receive and respond to questions via the patient portal.

Welcome to ARCK

The purpose of these guidelines is to provide you with the highest quality of care with the greatest degree of efficiency. The physicians and staff of ARCK are committed to these principles, and we again welcome you to our practice.

As you likely have high expectations of us as health care providers, we have high expectations of ourselves as well. For us to deliver high-quality health care services, it is appropriate that we should have some expectations of our patients as well. Communicating these expectations with you will make it possible to ensure optimal care for all the patients who have entrusted their health to us.

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