At ARCK we offer many services all within the clinic to help us better serve patients.  In addition to exam rooms where patients meet with physicians, physician assistants or nurse practitioners, we have on site lab, radiology, injection and IV infusion. We also perform all business services on site including scheduling, insurance verification, prior authorization and claims billing and collecting. We believe by keeping all services together helps us to better care for patients in a well-coordinated way.

Initial Consultation and Follow Up Services

Everyone who comes to ARCK for the first time will have a thorough clinical assessment performed by a medical doctor.  It is common that during the first visit that lab and radiology may be ordered to assist in the clinical assessment of the patient’s condition. Once a patient is established under the care of one of the ARCK physicians they will often times be asked to return for follow up care.


At ARCK we perform several important moderate and high complexity lab tests on site.  We have a dedicated lab team including Medical Technologists and phlebotomists, who have specialized training in lab testing. Our lab is CLIA and COLA certified, which means we have passed rigorous quality inspections. If your lab cannot be performed on site, we often times can still draw the lab and send it our to our contracted reference lab for processing.


Radiology services are used often in diagnosing and treating rheumatology related disorders.  We have on site x-ray, Bone Density (DXA) and Ultrasound.  All x-ray and DXA exams are performed by a licensed and certified radiological technologist, and all of our physicians are trained to perform musculoskeletal ultrasound. Special care is taken to follow national standards for radiology to minimize radiation exposer to patients while taking a high-quality image for the doctor to evaluate and use for treatment and diagnosing decisions.


Rheumatology diseases are often treated very effectively with a number of injectable drugs.  We offer several drug injections on site. Injections of medications are performed by a medical assistant or nurse, based on the complexity of the injection. All are well trained in performing injections and, will administer the drug after providing important information to the patient regarding the injection process and after care instructions.  If a patient is prescribed a drug that requires in home self-injection ARCK medical assistants are here to train on proper injection procedure.

In addition, our providers are skilled at performing targeted injection of joints and soft tissue structures such as bursa, tendon sheaths, and trigger points.  Depending on the site that is being injected, it may be administered by a physician, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner, and for some of our more difficult procedures, injections may be performed under ultrasound guidance to optimize both the safety and efficacy of the injection while often minimizing the discomfort experienced during the procedure.

IV Infusion

ARCK offers in office infusion for treatment of many autoimmune diseases.  We believe in office infusion is the best model for providing the safest and highest quality of care for our patients. We have a comfortable infusion area with privacy curtains, reclining chairs, Wi-Fi and television. Our nursing staff have years of rheumatology infusion experience and, work closely with the prescribing physician during each infusion to properly assess the patient before, during and after the infusion.


When you call ARCK (316) 612-4815 or (866) 612-4815 to schedule an appointment you will be speaking with a receptionist on site and close to the medical team whom you wish to schedule with. We work diligently to ensure all patients are served at the earliest opportunity. Since the demand for care is great, we review the schedule multiple times daily and will work patients in as times become available.

If you are wanting to come to ARCK for an evaluation please contact your primary care physician to discuss your concern since we only accept new patients from a physician referral.

Insurance Verification

ARCK is contracted with many insurance plans.  The best resource to find out if we participate with your insurance is to call the number on your insurance card and ask if we are “in network.” Before a patient’s first visit and each service there after we will review insurance to ensure the coverage is active and there have been no major changes in coverage for the services we typically perform.  However, we cannot over emphasize that the insurance a patient has is an agreement between them and the insurance company and, the patient should do their best to understand the plan coverage before receiving services. If a patient needs help asking questions of their insurance company, we are happy to help facilitate this conversation. The billing office can be reached by calling the office (316) 612-4815 and selecting the billing office prompt on the automated attendant.

Prior Authorization

Many insurances require a clinical review for requested services and medications before they will approve the treatment. We want patients to know this is a time consuming and often cumbersome process for us.  We devote a lot of resources to ensure that insurance procedures are followed and we obtain the approval before services are rendered.

Claims Billing and Collecting

ARCK performs all billing and collecting on site. We are committed to filing claims to insurance with the most accurate information possible. We employ staff with years of experience and certification in insurance billing and coding. We will work diligently to make sure your maximum insurance payment is received for services performed. Once insurance notifies ARCK of any patient responsibility we will notify the patient and plan to process payment soon after.

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