The ARCK Mission

At ARCK, our mission is to relieve pain and suffering by providing quality care in a compassionate and efficient manner.

Relieving pain and suffering

Many of the illnesses we encounter are painful and debilitating. It is our aim to treat your symptoms in the most effective manner possible. Most often, this involves specifically addressing the cause of the symptoms, and to do so, we first need to make an accurate diagnosis. While non-specific means of pain relief can be used to temporarily reduce symptoms, we have found, and research also supports, that targeting specific diseases produces the best long-term result. This is where the care of a rheumatologist can prove most helpful.

Providing Quality Care

Our health care providers are very conscientious to keep up with the latest developments in treating rheumatic diseases in order to provide you with the best outcome possible. Nonetheless, no matter how diligent we are to stay current, there is simply no substitute for time. Quality care takes time, and it is our pledge to you as patients to give you enough time to address your concerns and to allow us to understand your problems in detail.


It is our goal at ARCK to treat each person in a compassionate manner. We strive to show compassion from the moment you arrive. There are so many important aspects of your visit that must be taken care of and each person at ARCK works to complete this important work with the greatest level of compassion. ARCK personnel work based on the core value the We CARE. CARE stands for Compassion, Acknowledgement, Respond and Efficient. We are committed to treat each person with compassion, acknowledge their concerns, respond to their needs and work efficiently.

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